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Email Phishing Warning

We have received notification that some people may have received the following email from Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield:


From: Message Center []

Sent: Date

To: Your Email Address

Subject: Your Name, a thank you from Southern Missouri Bank Of Marshfield

Dear Your Name,

On behalf of Southern Missouri Bank Of Marshfield you have been issued a $1,000 Visa Gift Card free of charge.

Card type: Visa Gift Card
Issued to: Your Name
Issuing branch: Your City, Missouri
Valid until: 08/2015

Please use the following website to claim your card and have it shipped to the address of your choosing:

Go to: www.******************.com

Note that claims must be made within 48 hours from this email being sent, or the above link will become invalid.

Sincerely, Rachel
Customer Service
Employee Benefits Center, LLC

The information will be personalized to you.  Also, I left out the link to the website.  If you received one of these emails, please forward it to, delete the email and contact us immediately.  Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield is not participating in this $1,000 Visa Gift Card program, and have not given our consent to use our name.  It is most likely a phishing attempt to obtain your personal information, obtain your credit information, or to download malware to your computer.  If you have questions about any of this, please contact us immediately.

Remember, to protect our customers, Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield will NEVER ask for personal information (Social Security Number, Account Numbers, Debit/ATM card numbers, Online ID or PIN/Passwords, etc.) through email, phone call, or text messaging. If you receive a message claiming to be from us asking for such information do NOT respond.  Responding puts your personal information at risk. If you receive a suspicious message asking for this information please call us at 417-859-1292.


Amy Wilkerson
Vice President/Information Security Officer