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Got Change? How much spare change do you have laying around?

Here's an estimate of how much might be hiding in that change jar.

8 oz jar - $13 to $15
12 oz jar - $19 to $22
16 oz jar - $26 to $29
32 oz jar - $54 to $58
1 gallon jar - $200 to $225

Stop by Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield's main bank at 1292 Banning Street and trade your coins at our new self-service coin counter.

Our new coin counter service is easy to use. You simply drop your coins into the coin counter and press a button. After the coins are counted, a receipt is generated which you take to a teller for cash, or for deposit into a Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield deposit account. Using our coin counting machine is a FREE SERVICE for existing and new Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield account customers. A 10% processing fee is charged for coin counting services to non SMB customers.

The new coin counter is fun and easy to use. Come in and see how much change you have laying around!