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eAlerts Frequently Asked Questions

What are eAlerts?
eAlerts are free customized notifications regarding balances, transactions and the activity of your accounts at Southern Missouri Bank of Marshfield (Southern Missouri Bank). These alerts can be sent to you through email or by a text message to your mobile device.

Are eAlerts safe?
eAlerts are sent directly to the electronic address you provide. While no account number is sent via eAlerts, the message may include your name, your account nickname, and the parameters you specify in your alert. Anyone with access to the e-mail or mobile devices you specify to receive the alerts will be able to view the content.

Is there a cost to use the eAlert service?
No. There is no cost from Southern Missouri Bank to our customers to sign up for or receive eAlerts. You can receive your alerts via e-mail or text message. If you choose to receive your alerts via text message, charges from your mobile phone carrier for usage may apply.

Is anything required for me to start receiving eAlerts?
You must have an active online banking account with Southern Missouri Bank. Once you have an active online banking account, you can login and customize your alerts.

How do I setup a eAlert?

Can I receive eAlerts at more than one electronic address?
Yes. You can specify as many e-mail or other electronic addresses as you like. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses by separating each one with a semicolon.

How do I start or stop receiving eAlerts?
You can start or stop receiving eAlerts at any time by adding or deleting alerts through the eAlerts menu on your Online Banking account.

How do I change or delete a eAlert?
In the eAlerts & Messages menu, click eAlerts link to view your active alerts. From this screen, users can cancel, add, or change eAlerts. Click on an alert name to make changes to any of the fields. Click Save to save your changes or remove the alert by clicking Delete.

Can I use eAlerts if I don’t have an email account or access to the Internet at my home?
You can only setup an alert through your Online Banking account. If you do not have an internet connection at home, you can still access online banking from any computer with internet access.

Can I specify what time I want to receive an eAlert?
No. The alert notifications are sent to you after the activity or transaction occurs. Some events occur throughout a banking day and some happen at the end of the business day or even after normal business hours.

Are eAlerts available on all types of accounts I have with Southern Missouri Bank?
Yes. eAlerts are available for all accounts.

Do I have to setup an eAlert each time I want to get the notification?
Not always. Some eAlerts are setup as recurring notifications. This means that you will receive a notification each time the activity or transaction occurs, such as “Notify me if my account balances go above or below a pre-selected amount.” Some eAlerts are setup as one-time events, such as “Notify me when check #5735 is paid.” The one-time alerts will have to be setup each time you want to be notified of that occurrence.